Healthy Travel Tips

Many of us will be enjoying summer by taking a some well-deserved vacation time, but between delayed flights, travel mishaps and new time zones, sometimes a vacation can wind up leaving you feeling more stressed than when you left! Follow these tips on how to make your summer trips the best experience possible. Ready, set, n Go!

Move your body.
Include some activity into your vacation instead of just laying around the entire time, get outside and enjoy nature-hike, bike swim and play. You’ll feel a million times better and you’ll get to see a lot more by doing so.
Switch off.
A vacation should be a time to restore and recover. Leave some room in your schedule every day to be lazy and to disconnect from laptops, cell phones and other distractions. This is a great time to let your body recharge and restore itself.
Supplement well.
Our digestion often gets thrown off when we travel, so be sure to bring probiotics with you. Also, pack a greens powder so that you can get some potent nutrients regardless of what’s on the room service menu.


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