How to Apply Malaysian Baby Birth Certificate in Singapore and Overseas

Okay, it’s sometimes quite stressful to have to deal with Malaysian government, one step wrong could cost you another worthless trip and few sleepless nights. But hey, look at the bright side – it trains us to become a better person, doesn’t it? These training make us appreciate our life better than anyone and Yes! We ALWAYS look at the brighter side, don’t we?

Things are a lot easier if you figure out clearly what Malaysian Embassy officers want (although sometimes they don’t know what they want neither). My visit to Malaysian Embassy in Singapore was on Jan 13, 2015 – all information listed below are true to its date as mentioned.

Let’s get started.

Part I – Malaysian Baby Birth Certificate Registration in Singapore

Document prior application:

Father and Mother (each)

  • Malaysian IC (Original & 2x photocopies)
  • Malaysian Passport (Original & 2x photocopies)
  • Malaysian Birth certificate (Original & 2x photocopies)
  • Singapore NRIC (for PRs only) (Original & 2x photocopies) – Yes, never mention anywhere on the web.
  • Photo 2x copies (Malaysian Passport format: White Background, Dark Shirt, Eyes Open, Front face, Mouth Closed, 50mm x 35mm)

Baby (each)

  • Birth certificate registered in Singapore hospitals or ICA (Original & 2x photocopies)
  • Photo 4x copies (Malaysian Passport Photo Requirements: White Background, Dark Shirt, Eyes Open, Mouth Closed, 50mm x 35mm) – 2x extra copies are meant for passport application in Part II
  • Download and fill up Malaysian Passport application form Borang IM.42 (strictly in 2-sided printing)

Malaysian Passport Photo Requirements

Get to High Commision of Malaysia, Singapore in Jervois road

  • Map 
  • 8am – 11.30am (operating hours for birth certificate registration)
  • Submit any identity card for admission (driving license / Passion card / Credit card or any card with name printed on it, strictly no IC) – Note: Guards seem friendly and accept any card eg. I submitted my Passion card to get admission pass for my mom-in-law
  • Go to Consular Section (ignore the Immigration Office first)
  • Get in straight (without Q) to look for any standing officer outside the counter to get Borang D – they will advise you to Q or not to Q. You will see many people queuing up to collect yellow form for citizenship renunciation
  • Fill up 2x copies (in BLOCK LETTER & self-carry BLACK INK PEN – ask for instruction how to fill in)
  • Paste Photos on it upon completion DO NOT PASTE WITHOUT ASKING FOR INSTRUCTION (!)
  • Inform any (Yes, any!) standing officer again once completed.
  • Officer will then assist you to stamp baby’s thumbprint on the Borang D. All right and left thumbprint. Get ready with the chaotic cry! :)
  • Submit the Borang D
  • Wait for name calling for payment (payment is in Singapore dollars in EXACT amount, based on floating currency, I paid S$11.30 @ 2.65 internet currency on Jan 13, 2015)
  • Collection – 3 working days later (subject to change)

Pre-apply Baby Malaysian Passport (in order NOT TO BRING BABY in next visit)

  • Submit Malaysian Passport application form Borang IM.42 with baby photo to Immigration Office which you ignored just now
  • Show your baby to officer at Counter 10 that he/she is the one in the photo attached
  • Officer will acknowledge it by giving you a tentative Q number for next visit
  • Also, a list of document to bring in next visit for Malaysian Baby Passport Application in Singapore – Part II
  • End for Part I – Malaysian Baby Birth Certificate Registration in Singapore

Congratulations! You survive Part I !  Now get ready for Part II – Malaysian Baby Passport Application in Singapore and Overseas

Yes Malaysia Boleh!

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