How to Apply Malaysian Baby Passport in Singapore and Overseas

Now you have come to a less stressful application process after the Part I – Malaysian Baby Birth Certificate Registration in Singapore. This piece, Part II Malaysian Baby Passport Application in Singapore (Overseas) will show you exactly how to get the works done, without much hustle.

A checklist before you start the passport application:

1. You have filled in the 2x forms given to register that you and your spouse are Malaysians who stay abroad. Also, a new request by the Malaysian embassy to fill in the literally same form, online, which I did out of the concern officer might reject my application if I didn’t fill both hard and softcopy). Click here to register an account then start filling in process. It takes you about 20 minutes to complete both parents details.

  • Recommend to use Firefox or Chrome browser to ensure smooth fill in.
  • You can save draft copy and return to the site and click “Check Status / Update Details” to proceed where you left off

2. SGD42 for passport application. Check the latest price for Malaysian Passport Application.

As of Jan 15, 2015, the passport fees are reduced:

  • RM200 (SGD84) for Malaysian adults
  • RM100 (SGD42) for senior citizens, children below 12, Haj pilgrims, and students below 21 and studying abroad
  • FREE for disables

3. Tentative Q number given during first time visit as described in Part I


All set? Let’s get started.

This time, yourselves only (without baby and spouse) are needed to go to High Commision of Malaysia, Singapore in Jervois road

  • Map 
  • Pass the guard house by exchanging entry pass with any card your name printed on it
  • Go to Consular section first (in case you have not collected birth certificate, Borang W yet, otherwise, go to Immigration Office directly)
  • 9am – 11.30am (operating hours for birth certificate, Borang W collection)
  • Wait for you baby name to be called and collect the birth certificate, Borang W
  • Proceed to Immigration Office for passport application
  • Photocopy the Borang W inside Immigration Office
  • Go to Counter 10 to get Q number (I waited 2 hours with 30 people in front of me)
  • Submit all the documents required and fee in exact amount (small change is available at Counter 4)
  • Show original Both parents Malaysian IC and Singapore NRIC for PR (reminder, please keep all original documents with you all the time)
  • End

Works done for Part II Malaysian Baby Passport Application in Singapore (Overseas).

You will be asked to return One working day to collect baby Passport – Yes! Unlike any Immigration Office in Malaysia where you can collect within an hour. This is Malaysian Embassy, what do you expect?

You will be given a Q number at the guard house upon arrival, normal collection time is 2.30pm. Proceed to Immigration Office to collect your baby passport.

Reminder: Bring all original documents with you during collection time even though they are sometimes not required.

Congratulation and do recommend this site to your friends who are still puzzled about how to apply Malaysian Baby Passport in Singapore or even in Overseas. Thank you!


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