How to be Bohemian Look

Do your heard about Kate Moss. Nicole Richie. Demi Lovato? They look charming, don’t they? One of the styles they usually go for is the Bohemian look or do they call it boho for brief. This look is very popular
as it can suit most face shape and hairstyle. Furthermore, this spring is all about floral, candy colours, big ruffles and tribal prints. So why not take advantage of that? Now here are some tips for you girls to try out this look.

Dressing is the most important part. Most bohemian chicks go for red, blue or brown colour. When we think of the bohemian look, we automatically think of a young pretty lady with the long floral dresses with a little vintage accessory walking down the beach. In fact, floral do really have the potential to pull off this look. For bohemian themed dinner, you may opt for big ruffles maxi dress with curly hair do. This sophisticated look might bring you the best dress award of the night.

Then come to accessories. The accessories are important for this look as we would need to have some vintage as well. Jewellery made from bones, feathers or shells should be useful this time. For necklaces, gem stones or butterfly pendant can add on the sparkle to your outfit. For earrings, do look out for turquoise dangling ones as turquoise is a very bright color that could pull the attention to you. However, do remember to not wear too many accessories at once or else you might look like a Christmas tree.

So for girls with long hair, you shouldn’t have worries on the hair-do part of this boho look. It is very simple as what you need to do is to curl your hair and put on the boho headband. For those who wish to add on details, you may replace the boho headband with your hair. Braid your hair from left side parting of your hair towards the right side parting of your hair. After complete braiding, pin the end of your hair to ensure its place. As for girls with short hair, what you could do is to put on the boho headband, add a little braiding at the side and you are ready to go!

Last but not least, the very important make up trick! Well, to achieve this boho look, warm colours such as brown, beige, peach and a little bit of pink should do great. As boho make up would not be much, most of the focus will be on the eyes. Here are the steps:

  1. Put on the eye-liner on top of your eyelid.
  2. Choose the dark brown pencil eye liner to darken your eye crease and then blend it well with a small brush.
  3. Now that you have a darker crease, fill in your lids with lighter shade such as the peach colour. You may even it out with a little bit of pink.
  4. Put on your favourite mascara, blush ups the cheeks and you’re ready to BOHO!


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