How to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Kids

You love your wife, the mother of your children, the light of your life.

You appreciate everything she does, whether it involves organizing the family’s tight schedule and effortlessly diffusing temper tantrums or running board meetings and bringing home the bacon. Or all of the above.

But you’re not sure how to honour her on Mother’s Day? Don’t fret. The ideas below will help you plan a meaningful Mother’s Day that shows her how much she’s appreciated.

1. Give the gift of nothing.
When asked what they want for Mother’s Day, many women simply say they’d like the day off. That might mean no laundry, no making lunches for school the next day, no nagging kids to brush their teeth or clean their rooms.

To accomplish this, you might have breakfast together as a family and then take the kids somewhere for the day. Mothers of young children, especially, rarely get a few quiet hours at home alone.

Or, send Mom somewhere else, such as to a day spa, a book store, a shopping mall or a coffee shop, depending on her interests.

2. Honour something that’s close to Mom’s heart.
If she has a favourite charity or cause, spend the day contributing to it, either through monetary donations of by giving of your family’s time.

3. Record her stories.
Interview the mom in your life about what it means to be a mother. Ask her about her memories of when her children were first born. Have your kids come up with some of the questions. Record your conversation digitally or on tape. Secretly record an interview with her mom, too, then edit and present both recordings to her on Mother’s Day.

4. First and foremost, involve the kids.
This holiday should really be about them finding ways to celebrate Mom, but sometimes they need a little guidance. Especially if they’re, say, 2.

If the kids are very young, have them make a card or choose a small gift. Even if it’s a box of cereal or a stick-figure drawing, they’ll feel proud knowing they’re part of the holiday.

If your kids are older, start planning Mother’s Day with them at least a few weeks in advance. Let them lead the discussion and generate the ideas, then support them and gear them toward the gifts or activities you can actually accomplish. Not everyone can give their Francophile moms a trip to Paris, but how about a homemade dinner of French food with French music playing in the background.

5. Write a family letter to Mom.
Include funny memories, messages of appreciation and recollections of her first days as a mom. These days, many moms have all their family photos stored digitally on their computers. Print out a few and include them with the letter so she has something to touch and treasure for years to come.

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