How to Do New Year Makeup

A “New Year look” focuses on the golds of decorations, the traditional reds of the occasion and the whites of snow. This subtle look is a beautiful reflection of your own beauty and the spirit of New Year.


1. Put on a little foundation to match your skin tone. Use concealer if needed.

2. Lightly brush soft red eyeshadow on your eyelids. For a darker red, apply a little more along the outer “V” of your eyes.

3. Brush white eyeshadow along the inner corners of your eyes.

4. Use gold eyeshadow it to highlight the top of your eyes, near the browbone.

5. To finish up the eyes, line with a gold eyeliner, right to the edge of your top lashes. Also do your waterline.

6. Put a soft red lipstick on your lips. Blot off any excess.

7. Roll clear lip gloss over the lipstick.
8. Finished. It’s a light, breezy and New Year-inspired look.



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