How to Dress An Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglasses are very lucky as their shape is the easiest to dress. You need to follow fewer rules and can be more versatile with your style choices and pieces. The key thing to remember is not to hide your curves wearing loose, baggy clothing from head to toe outfit.

Hourglass-Body-ShapeHourglass Characteristics
~ A defined bust
~ Same size on top and bottom
~ Neat hips
~ Curved bottom

How To Create Visual Balance
~ You need to wear shaped and fitted styles in order to follow your body’s line
~ Define your waist, enhance your bust and highlight your hips and bottom
~ Luckily this is the classic feminine shape and is the easiest to dress, provided you don’t hide your shape
~ You can wear looser clothes but retain a balance on your top or bottom half e.g. wear wide leg trousers with fitted top or a loose, long tunic over skinny jeans.

~ Dressing head to toe in shapes that completely hide your body.
~ Wearing loose or wide trousers with unfitted tops
~ These will make you appear bulky and without a waistline


Hourglass-arm-patch-cardigan Hourglass-wool-mac Hourglass-wide-leg-trousers Hourglass-shirt-dress Hourglass-printed-dress Hourglass-MIH-straight-jeans Hourglass-Mary-Portas-dress Hourglass-knitted-striped-dress Hourglass-fur-trim-camel-coat Hourglass-classic-white-shirt

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