How to Lose Weight after Chinese New Year?

Now put your eyesight on your fat belly, it’s after Chinese New Year holiday and you are desperately looking for solutions to get rid of oily fat accumulated during those reckless days.

Get Back on Schedule

Everyone seems to forget about which day is what day during CNY – no schedule, no work, no workout, no diet control, no routine activities… etc. Everything goes haywire.
Now first thing first, get back to the calendar you used to live in, start whipping yourselves into shape. And you will appreciate how happy you were once living in routine and boring life.

Sleep On Time

No schedule when you meet relatives and friends in CNY, you talk likes there is no time concerns. We spent hours chit chatting about things happen in a year or more, so you missed go-to-bed time easily. Operation of your body parts will not be at optimum level once you sleep late. So sleep on time now and get your body operation back on track.

Work Out, Work Out, Work Out

Say, you work out twice a week to get rid of regular fat on your normal diet. Now, after the ultra consumption in CNY, the Bak Kua, Steamboat dishes, cookies, soft drinks and more, it’s difficult to lose weight if work out volume remains. So, you need to work out more than often, to increase at least 30% of your exercise volume while maintaining same amount of diet.

Once in a year we will come to a time where we need to face the reality – body check up. We suggest that you do a regular body check-up once every two-year if you are below 40, and once a year if you are above 40. So lose weight now to not only enhance your appearance but to ensure longevity of your health.



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