How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger in 7 Easy Steps

Of all the how-to requests tweeted and emailed to our Byrdie editors, how to make your eyes look bigger is on the top of the list. Which is exactly why we tapped celebrity makeup artist Lauren Andersen to show us exactly how it’s done for her next tutorial.

It turns out, it’s surprisingly easy. All it takes is a few cleverly-placed swipes of color, the right tools, and voilà: doe eyes!

These universal tips will work well alongside dewy or matte skin, as well as neutral or bright lips, so do your makeup as you normally would, then try this tutorial.

Before you reach for any products, curl your lashes. “It really opens up your eyes,” Andersen says. Tip: You want to curl your lashes, not crimp them, so use a light hand and apply pressure at two points: the base of lashes and the middle.

You may think that dark shadow will make your eyes look smaller, but strategically placed color actually does the opposite. Using a stiff brush and a matte brown shadow, smudge the color below your bottom lashline, sticking to the outside third of your eye. “Just press it in,” Andersen says. Don’t apply any color on your waterline. Andersen used Urban Decay’s The Naked Basics Palette.

You may have heard you can apply white eye liner to your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger—which is true—but not very wearable. Instead, choose a pale, champagne hue. Apply to your entire waterline (the top, too!). If you’re still not getting the impact you want, try layering a champagne color over white, which will deliver more punch.

Next, apply a wash of color onto your lid using a flesh-colored hue that corresponds to your skintone. “The color should be slightly lighter than your skin and have shimmer, but no glitter!” Andersen says. Try Stila’s Eye Shadow in Kitten, or bareMinerals’ High Shine Eye Color in Bronzed.

Apply a thick layer of mascara to your upper lashes. Andersen favors the unique brush on Avon’s Mega Effects Mascara.

A fan brush is an easy way to concentrate your mascara on the root of your lashes (which makes eyes look larger), without clumps on the tips of lashes (which makes eyes look smaller). Simply run a fan brush over a mascara wand and gently paint your bottom lashes.
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