How to measure Heel Shoe

After posted Heel Shoe article, I’ve been asked a couple of times how to measure heel heights, so I thought I’d do a “how to” post. The good news is, we do it exactly the way most people think it is done :)

We measure from the middle of the top of the heel at the back of the shoe through to the top of the heel cap – so these two points here:

And here’s the measurement being taken:

(this is a 3.5 inch heel).

The heel cap is usually about half a centimeter, in addition to the height of the heel.

The other thing worth knowing is that the heel heights aren’t always exact. This can be due to a number of technical issues – if you do find yourself with an issue like this and you have questions about it, post here. If you LIKE you, please don’t mind to LIKE our facebook.

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