How to Style Your Long Hair, Short

Chinese New Year is coming but you do not wish to put a scissors on your long-kept hair? Do you plan to change your long hair to be short without any commitment of actually getting your hair cut! Here’s some steps to style your long locks into a short.

1. Divide your hair into two sections, from one ear to another.

2. Pin up the top section, just to keep it out of the way.

3. Pull the bottom section into a ponytail.

4. Twist the pony tail into a small bun and pin flat against your head.

5. Now unpin the top section, begin dividing it into small strands.

6. Fold the strands in half and pin them up underneath, try your best to hide the bobby pins.

7. Once you’ve pinned all the strands, carefully use a curling iron to flip the strands out just a little. This will make them look more natural.

8.  Add any accessories or pin any loose pieces. (Goto VeeMall for more items)

Hope you enjoy new style in Chinese New Year without the need to modify your beautiful long hair.

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