Little Sex Moves Bring Rock

You and your guy have a good bedroom groove going — some days are sweet, some are sweaty, some days you maybe even leave a few dents in the wall with all your headboard banging. But no matter how satisfied you are, you probably wouldn’t pass up the chance to kick things up a notch. Why not, take these tiny little trick and make it HOT your sex life.

Back in high school, you probably had rules for how far you’d go: under the shirt, over the pants, and so on. Well, the teenage you was on to something. “It can be pleasurable torture to play with each other over your underwear, teasing and stroking through the fabric,” says sex coach Patti Britton, Ph.D. “You’re building up the anticipation, so when you finally do have skin-on-skin contact, it’ll be that much more explosive and exciting.”
Sexy moments can strike when you least expect them. So seize the chance to spice up a night on the couch. “Have him use his fingertips to slowly, gently caress your skin,” suggests sex therapist Gloria Brame, Ph.D. “The light, sensual touch creates a tingling sensation that will wake up your body while also relaxing you for sex.”

Rather than simply making a beeline for his below-the-belt region, create a slow burn with featherlight kisses. Start by kissing his eyelashes, then the corner of his mouth, his jaw, and his collarbone. Next, kiss his nipples, under his pecs, and down along his treasure trail and over to one hip bone, then the other. “You’re building up anticipation as you make that slow, seductive crawl,” says Altman. “And the randomness of your kisses keeps his nerves on high alert as his brain and body try to figure out where you’re going next.”
Give a jolt during sex by gently nipping your partner’s shoulders or earlobe. “When you’re in the heat of passion, you may go more into your head than your body,” explains Brame. “A little pain snaps you both back to the moment.”
Let’s be honest: Most guys are just grateful to be getting a blow job. But that’s no excuse to rest on your laurels. Rather than simply moving up and down, use your tongue to slowly wind around his member. “Swirl up the shaft with the tip of your tongue. When you’re at the top, slide your whole mouth down and then up, with a sucking motion,” suggests sex therapist Carole Altman, Ph.D., author of Don’t Have Sex Again Until You Read This Book

For greater stimulation in missionary position, try this: “Hook your knees over your guy’s shoulders,” suggests Britton. “The angle puts more pressure on the clitoris, giving you a better chance of achieving orgasm.” Clench your butt and lift your pelvis to create more friction and make your climactic moment even more mind-blowing.

No matter what position you’re in, you can enhance the experience by gently exhaling on each other’s skin. “You’re already feeling pleasure in your genitals, but this move adds soft, steamy heat to other sensitive areas like your neck, your nipples, or the inside of your wrists, giving you tingles from head to toe,” says Britton.
You love you-on-top because you can control the speed, angle, and motion – he loves you-on-top because he can just lie back and watch. But what lazybones might not realize is that sitting up can enhance his pleasure even more. “Not only can you both do more with your arms and hands, but the sex is also more intimate with your torsos pressed together,” says Britton.

Although your inner bad girl may get off on the idea of being caught in the act, the real you may not feel right about sneaking off to a bar bathroom. But you can feed any secret exhibitionist appetites by doing the deed in front of a window – with the lights out. “Stand up against the window, facing out, and have him take you from behind,” says Britton. You’ll get a rush from just the possibility of being watched.

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