Lovely DIY Ice Cream Cone Bouquet For Bridesmaids

The weather outside is so chilly and not so ice cream-friendly. But you can resist it getting crafty with these ice cream cones! Filled with sweet flowers these cones would be such a perfect as a bridesmaid’s gift or a small bridesmaid’s bouquet to carry on a wedding day. They’re so cheery and colorful, they instantly rise up the mood! To make them you’ll need ice cream cones, scissors, flowers of your choice and all purpose glue. First you need to download from the template for chevron wraps and print it out onto A4 paper. Then cut out onto roll around your ice cream cone and secure in place with glue. Make the start of all of your bouquets, wrapping them all with chevron paper. Finally, trim your flowers down to the desired size and pop them into the cone. Done!

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