My Little Home

Home is mandatory to everyone, especially to a Chinese – it’s built in our blood since thousands of years ago. Buying a house is however, getting more challenging in today’s highly speculated property market. Building a ‘home’ is even more demanding after you’ve gotten one.

No matter what, home setup is the most exciting experience after giving birth to a new life.

First, let’s look into the theme Her101 editors highly recommend –  theme Cozy. You are what you wear, and the truth is even revealing who you are by looking at where you live. The home is you, you is your home.

Home is no office. It must feel relaxed, safe, accepting you whenever you come home. Nothing fancy, but it provides the highest security and the sense of belongings to you.


Cover the cold floor with a rug will create coziness instantly in your living room. Alternatively, let the oak parquet flooring runs throughout the living room, warming up the atmosphere.


A cozy living room or bedroom is made up by natural sunlight. The living room serves as the home’s heart and soul and it features charming nooks bathed in natural light from large windows.


If your room size is small, choose white colour for all your furniture to create the spaciousness in vision. Pick the brighter colour-toned furniture in order not to undermine the harmony in the surrounding. Small items like sofa pillow, stool, vast can lighten up design theme further with youthful colour.

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