One-Stop Wedding Planning

Getting married is once-in-a-lifetime occassion, is also the greatest moment that every lady dreams of. Starting from the process of knowing to trusting each other, you choose him as the life-time partner. The process is however, most taxing when it comes to Chinese customery wedding.

Wedding is NEVER about two persons, it’s two families you are engaging. So it’s normal if you find it exhausting planning a wedding.

Many things have to be well-planned. For example, to select a Wedding dinner venue, which has to be reserved one year or more in advance prior to the wedding dinner’s date, is indeed a brain-draining task. Not only confirming a good date on lunar calendar, you need to ensure the availability of most VIP who can turn up to the wedding dinner.

Leave it to wedding planner, as most of the couples do nowadays. But wedding planner is neither good nor cheap in Malaysia. So plan ahead with your budget in mind. My advice is, get a wedding planner to take care at least some of the huzzle tasks from both of you, so you can concentrate on other light-head stuff.

Do you always wish that there is a One-stop service for wedding preparation? Well, you wish is granted –  VeeMall, is the online store which provides one-stop wedding planning / solutions / shopping right from best-date selection tool to personalized-design Ang pow packet. And even baby stuff if you happen to be expecting it already. :)


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