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Customary Chinese Wedding requires the most effort in planning. In some hot pick venue, reservation has to be made a year in advance, some even more. What’s next after that? It’s wedding photography that should appear in your meter-long to-do list.

Most couples choose to shoot wedding photo oversea nowadays due to the booming in low cost carriers or budget airlines.But many still prefer local photographer for some obvious reasons like easy communication and logistic-friendly.

Of course there are some Pros and Cons whether shooting wedding photos oversea or local.

Local Shooting

Affordable price tag. Some go for local photographer for pragmatic reasons. It’s about budgetary concerns, too. Local photographers offer complete package where they do loan wedding gown not only for shooting but also the customary wedding day(s). Foreign wedding retailers do not provide international logistic at acceptable price range yet.

Oversea Shooting

Comfortable climate. Putting on wedding dresses is already a nightmare, it’s even worse in constant 31 degC and humid environment. Most of the new couples would wish that Malaysia was a four-season country during wedding photo shooting especially when in outdoor session. Shooting and visiting a country a the same time, how does it sound? It will be more exciting if it’s in spring or autumn.

So plan your wedding photo shooting carefully and above all, it must be within your budget. I’m sure you can get what you want at the end of the day.

Happy wedding and Happy shooting!

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