One-Stop Wedding Solutions – Do I need a Wedding Planner?

To have a hassle-free Chinese customery wedding, you need a wedding planner. Is that true? Well, it depends on various conditions such as time availability, budget concerns (wedding planner sometimes costs you a bomb!) and other considerations. But in my opinion, you WILL definitely need a wedding planner.


Don’t get your hands dirty, let others to take up the dirty jobs for you. You and your loved one just focus on doing things that a newly-wed couple do, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

WHAT can you expect from a wedding planner?

First, well-organized coordination. Marriage is complicated, so we do not wish to add on any burden to it anymore. That’s why we need a well-trained wedding planner to get rid of tedious assignments in highly celebrated occasion. It is not the major task that enrages you however, it’s those tremendous tiny, little stuff that will drive you crazy

Second, Responsive. The planner must be responsive enough to update you the most recent status to you at any point, anytime, via any means of today’s technology. Because you are busy couple, you need the latest information feed from the wedding planner in order to coordinate activities among your own community.

Third, Patient. Enormous unexpected situations will pop up during your quest to happiness, so be prepared to get frustrated and furious. :) Get a patient wedding planner is mandatory if you are not the one who is good at hiding temper. Someone who is willing to listen to you, enough to clear your gloomy days.

It’s up to you anyway to get a wedding planner or not. You may, however take this article only as a guideline as part of your wedding preparation.

Or, alternatively, you may go to VeeMall to find out more.

May Happiness stay with you two forever.


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