Online-Shopping Forecast in Malaysia by 2015

Online Shopping Trend in Malaysia

Ever since the Internet has blossomed in the Western countries in 1990’s, Online-shopping or Electronic-commerce business has never stop benefiting from the cyber-growth. According to Wikipedia, Online-shopping or Electronic-commerce is defined as the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.

While Europe is facing another year of economic turmoil in 2012, developing countries forged full-speed ahead. With consumer confidence improving and spending increasing, global retailers continued their expansion into these markets. Internet-based transactions are growing rapidly in Asia in recent years especially in Malaysia. According to the 2012 A.T. Kearney Global Retail Development Index™, the 11th annual edition, Malaysia is ranked at 11th, the biggest mover in the GRDI, up eight spots from 2011 (see Figure 1 in the link).

Half of all households in Malaysia own a PC, and 56 percent of the population is connected to the Internet. Malaysians are relatively heavy users of credit cards (1.1 cards per household) and debit cards (5.6 per household), allowing for easier online shopping. Moreover, Malaysia’s high-quality logistics infrastructure ensures that online retail purchases can be delivered in a timely manner. According to the World Economic Forum, the quality of Malaysia’s transportation services is on par with the United States. In addition, more than three-quarters of Malaysians are expected to live in cities by 2015.

In view of the collapsing in the development of Euro-zone economies and struggles United States is bearing to get rid of its astronomical debt, new leading economies like China, Brazil, and India have already taken off in Online-shopping or Electronic-commerce segment. Meanwhile within Asia Pacific region, Malaysia is likely becoming the next leading market in Online-shopping or Electronic-commerce segment by 2015.


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