Pretty Curvy Girl Bridal Boudoir Shoot

It’s undeniable that well-fitted lingerie is an absolute essential, especially on your wonderful after wedding night. However, it’s often hard to find the one you look gorgeous in and feel good, especially if you’re a curvy, fuller-busted woman. Well, don’t panic, because the alphabet doesn’t stop at D! Today’s shoot proves! Sweet Nothings curated a selection of beautiful bridal lingerie from major American and European designers that will flatter and support even in strapless gowns. There’re no boring beige bras here, but everything you love from beautiful satin to silk and lace. Everything is so pretty! Take a look and be fancy!

pretty-curvy-girl-bridal-boudoir-shoot-1-500x749pretty-curvy-girl-bridal-boudoir-shoot-2-500x750 pretty-curvy-girl-bridal-boudoir-shoot-8-500x750 pretty-curvy-girl-bridal-boudoir-shoot-5-500x749 pretty-curvy-girl-bridal-boudoir-shoot-4-500x749 pretty-curvy-girl-bridal-boudoir-shoot-3-500x749

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