Ramadan Greeting Message

Every year, Muslims observe a month-long fast during the 9th month of the Islamic calendar: Ramadan. Muslims believe that this month is filled with blessings, and it is appropriate to wish them well at the beginning of the month. While friendly words in any language are welcome, there are some traditional or common Arabic greetings that one may use or come across:


1. May the month of Ramadan be cheerful.
May you able to receive the greatest
Blessings of Ramadan celebration.

2. As we celebrate the holy month of Ramadan,
May Allah shower His blessings upon you and your family.

3. May this month of Ramadan be a month of abundance,
A month of compassion,
And assistance for you and your family.

4. Here is Allah, the one God, the designer, the maker.
All the most beautiful names belong to Him.
He is the most great and most sensible.
Happy Ramadan!

5. Allow this month to be the time of forgiveness and repenting.
Repent all the sins and the mistakes you’ve done.
Have a blessed Ramadan.

6. This month is full of blessing and wisdom.
Ask all your desires to Allah and he will listen,
Because you’re a wonderful person and I’m glad to have met you.
Happy Ramadan!

7. Wishing that Allah may give you all the desires in your heart.
Happy Ramadan!

8. All the great things and blessings may come in your way.
Whether great and small are being wished for you.
Eid Mubarak!

9.  pray for your continuous abundance in life, satisfaction and joy.
May all of these will be grant to you, for you are a great brother I treasure.
A blessed Ramadan to you!

10. May you be blessed with love, good health and security
As you celebrate the holy month of Ramadan.

11. Let the goodness of Allah shine upon you.
A blessed Ramadan to everyone in your family.

12. We wish you a joyous and healthy Iftar as you celebrate this holy month.

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