Reasons to write LOVE letter

Do you realize Malaysian people are not writing any more on paper. All they do are message to him/her, email to friends or direct call to them. Let Vee some time to explain why and what are the reasons to write LOVE letter use pen and paper.

Get out the pen and paper and take an old-fashioned approach to showing your partner how much you care. Though they don’t often discuss it, men like to be wooed, too, and there are many sweet little things you can do for your partner that involve nothing more than a pen and paper. Whether it’s tucking a note inside his lunch bag or leaving a card on his pillow on a special occasion, these little actions will help make your partner feel loved.Find out how writing a love letter can help improve your relationship.

Love letter
1. To apologize
A love note is the ideal way to say you’re sorry without getting wrapped up in an argument and creating an even bigger fight. Vee suggests placing a letter on your partner’s pillow if you leave early for work, putting a note in his briefcase so he’ll see it later or even placing an envelope in a prominent place in the fridge — all great ways to send your message of apology.

While the reasons for the apology might vary, the words you use probably will not. “Sorry” might be the hardest word, but it’s absolutely necessary in this case.
2. To say thanks
Sometimes we take each other for granted as the day-to-day happenings of our relationships become routine. While there may be no real need for an expression of thanks, it’s easy to let this slip into a habit of never saying how much you appreciate your partner.

“Saying thank you in a letter is a very romantic way to show your gratitude,” says Vee”If he makes the coffee every morning no matter what, put a note of thanks and love next to the coffee pot so he knows you’re grateful,” Vee suggests.
3. To congratulate
An achievement of some importance, such as getting published, finishing a thesis, passing an exam, winning a race or getting a raise, is an occasion that calls for a congratulatory note.

By letting your lover know you appreciate the success of their accomplishment, and that you feel a personal sense of pride because of your deep, intimate connection, you are demonstrating your understanding of just how important the accomplishment.


4. To celebrate
Birthdays, anniversaries and other dates important to your partner are ideal days to write a card. “By putting romance and passion into what is usually a humdrum day, you will make your significant other feel special, and you’ll strengthen the love you’re both experiencing,” says Vee.

Use the love letter to show that you understand the importance of the day. Show your partner you know why it’s a big day, and use words of appreciation and empathy to demonstrate the fact.

love letter

5. To destress
Most of us are under a lot of pressure. We’re trying to be good workers, lovers and parents, and everything can become a source of stress in our lives.

Using a love letter to show your partner you understand a particular situation is a very effective way to woo them.

love letter time closeup

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