Rice washing water whitening skin

Rice washing water is magical skin magic? This is not nonsense, Japan in recent years, a new wave of “Wash rice water” skin wind. Skin to water of tender? Utilization of rice washing water, to be sure! The reason big track:

Wash rice water why skin effect? This is because the rice in a water-soluble vitamins and minerals will be remaining in the rice washing water sake, especially vitamin B group content is particularly rich. Precisely because it is very natural, so not only suitable for sensitive skin, wash every day, no problem.

Twice daily, rice washing water, wash your face, will be able to reach the skin effect. However, the skin with rice washing water is not easily wash the rice water line, the following teach you how to do it!
Let face moist and tender and the rice washing water. ”

Material: white rice, water

Step1. Milled rice into a container, pour tap water.
Step2. Scrub, wash the rice water drained, and then re-pour tap the scrub left after the second rice washing water reserve.
Step3. Leaving the rice washing water after overnig
ht precipitation, to take milky white like rice washing water into the wash basin.
Step4 1.5 times of warm water add about rice washing water. Skin with rice washing water to complete! Can be directly used to wash!
Small caution: Wash rice water refrigerated storage use, but only in the refrigerator for one day, not more than two days, or fermentation deterioration Oh!

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