Run to Lose Weight & Get Healthy

Do you like running? Most will say “No”.

I used to hate (not dislike) running especially running alone. It seems so routine and repeated-motion of the body for the entire workout. But things have changed completely when I encountered health problem early this year.  According to the advice from the doctor, swimming and running or any other aerobic exercises will be much helpful in speeding up my recovery. I’m not a good swimmer – so I left with one choice, it seemed – Running has been part of my life ever since.

Not only to lose weight but running is good for your health, too, everyone knows that, but do you know how to run in the right way? Running the right way will prolong your running lifespan.

Shoe. Pick a good running shoe is more important than anything else because it’s our feet which touches the ground repeatedly as you running. They absorb all the forces and weight our body give to them. That’s why good shoes is mandatory before even you start your first running.

Location. Most of the people like running along the road side which is equivalent to deteriorating health condition instead of helping where the road is congested with mono-oxide out from the vehicles. Run by the sea and in the park or forest where the fresh air is available, preferably in the morning.

Time. Morning 5 to 7 am is the best time where our body can release bad energy to the nature and absorb the good ones in return, in the mountain, hiking-hill, botanical garden, forest or trees-covered recreational park. Running in the evening is less encouraged due to the increasing numbers of the wheels on the road.

I fell for running simply because it requires no restriction of location – I can run anywhere I like, no time restriction – I can run anytime that I want, no high cost needed – with just a pair of running I might be able to run hundred kilometers away, with sufficient training, of course.

I lost 4kg over running constantly since half a year ago. Running is all about endurance and it can withdraw the unwanted fat from our body efficiently over a say, 7km run.

Shop for a better shoe today at VeeMall – the mall that Vee build together, to make a good start with your running life!

I am joining the annual Penang Bridge running event in this November in half-marathon category. Join me if you are running too! We are all going to miss running on the existing bridge for the last time – we will run on the new Penang bridge in 2013. See you!


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