Sales : Bag in Bag (Handbag Inner Bag) Part II

More ridiculous sales of Bag in Bag (inner bag) is back on VeeMall. 10% OFF on all items. Crazy. But it’s good for online shoppers like us. RM15.90 is ridiculous. 10% OFF on RM15.90 is lagi murah and ridiculous.

“Is it really a good buy?”, you would ask.

There are plenty of pictures you can see for yourselves on VeeMall product page to determine its quality. Even though you cannot believe you own eyes, a simple question can help you decide better.

“How long can an inner bag work for you?”

“1 year?”
“2 year?”

The answer is indefinite. You would already want to change it after 6 months of use even though there is no tear nor stained on the surface.

That’s the lifespan of an inner bag – it depends on when you want to change it.

Colour of inner bag is another concern when it comes to buy-or-not-buy decision making process. If it is so cheap that you can match any of your handbag with many inner bags, why bother?
Just get more than one! It’s normal to own more than one inner bag inside your wardrobe.

Shop on VeeMall can save you big bucks for more shopping.

Goto VeeMall now.

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