Sex Benefits for Men

For men, sex may be just an act to satisfy their carnal urge. But sex plays an important role in improving various aspects of a man’s life. Bet you did not know how sex is essential to prevent lifestyle diseases and boost healthy living. Find out more…

Sleep deprivation includes tossing and turning in bed, suddenly waking up from deep sleep, irritability and restlessness. Beat insomnia with sex. Reaching orgasm tires one out and also releases certain hormones, which will relax you. So, skip the sleeping pills and try this natural remedy.

Lack of growth hormones increases your chances of developing wrinkles. Sex accomplishes this deficit, as sexual intercourse releases hormones, which increase human growth hormones that slows down ageing.

Besides releasing hormones, sex releases semen, which is also beneficial in slowing down ageing, as spermidine protects cells from damage by improving human blood cells; it also helps in the repairing and recycling of damaged cells. Spermicide also improves cell growth, fights free radicals, rejuvenates the cells and improves the quality of the cells.

Prostate cancer
Lack of sex is one of the risks that make you prone to developing prostate cancer. During sex, ejaculation is the action that flushes out any intent of cancerous cell growth. Hence, regular sex prevents prostate cancer.

Heart diseases
Sex also helps prevent another major lifestyle disease, which affects most Indians, particularly heart diseases. Sex is one the best ways for men to improve their cardiovascular health and drastically reduce the chance of developing various heart diseases.

Being obese make the penis seems smaller and reduces stamina. But regularly indulging in sex lowers the risk of you becoming obese and also helps you lose weight. That brings us to the next point.

Fat burner
Increase metabolism and lose weight with sex, try these top sex positions that burn fat: standing, lotus, cowgirl, bridge and wheelbarrow. These sex positions will definitely help burn fat.

There are several sex positions that double up as exercise as it demands flexing different muscle groups. For example, doggy style and missionary sex position exercises the hip, core and glutes. As for the push up sex position, it exercises your arm muscles and chest.

Tones the body
Besides fat loss and exercising different muscle groups, sex also helps tone the body. Sex burns fat and flexes the muscles, thereby shaping and strengthening muscles.




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