Shrimp Crazy Family (蝦仔爹哋)

Classic Under the Lion Rock Classic Comedy Fun drama the  “Shrimp Crazy Family’ (蝦仔爹哋), is the eighties television the most popular prime program, every family, known to everybody, cohesive, laughter skies, bringing the hundred percent of all the people of Hong Kong.positive energy. “Shrimp Crazy Family’ (蝦仔爹哋) jumped into the arena by the TV box from last year, again reproduce audiences, soon win the best victorious praise, many miss the audience has been hoping for. The big country culture existing Fortunately organizer formally announced the good news ….. “shrimp Aberdeen Daddy” musical is RETURN!

Held at Arena of Star, Genting on 30, 31 January and 1 February 2013
1) Miu Kiu Wai (苗僑偉)
2) Chik Mei Chun (戚美珍)
3) Wong Yat Wah (黃日華)
4) Lo Hoi Pang (盧海鵬)
5) Lam Kin Ming (林健明)
6) Louie Castro (贾思乐)
7) Jin Gang (金刚)


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