Stunning Handmade Floral Headpieces By Mignonne

A flower crown is one of my current obsessions, and I’d definitely accessorize my bridal look with it if I were to get married this spring or summer. However, not all brides, as much as they love it, can possibly wear it because of some allergies or other issues like a crown wilting.

stunning-handmade-floral-headpieces-by-mignonne-1-500x750Well, it seems like handmade floral headpieces by Mignonne is your salvation! I know, it’s kinda unbelievable, but these blooms, looking so fresh, realistic and good on the pictures, are completely handmade from high quality silk fabrics by designer and owner Jennifer Wood. They look simply stunning! Take a look!

stunning-handmade-floral-headpieces-by-mignonne-2-500x750 stunning-handmade-floral-headpieces-by-mignonne-3-500x750 stunning-handmade-floral-headpieces-by-mignonne-4-500x750 stunning-handmade-floral-headpieces-by-mignonne-5-500x332 stunning-handmade-floral-headpieces-by-mignonne-6-500x371 stunning-handmade-floral-headpieces-by-mignonne-7-500x370 stunning-handmade-floral-headpieces-by-mignonne-9-500x750 stunning-handmade-floral-headpieces-by-mignonne-10-500x750

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