Stunning Metallic Eye Makeup Ideas

We don’t often talk about bridal makeup, because many of us prefer classic makeup in neutral tones. But when your wedding is scheduled close to Christmas, you need to shine! I suggest you to give preference to the huge trend of 2013 – metallic eye makeup, because it suits all skin tones, and I’ve never seen a bad photo of a bride who has chosen to sport iridescent peepers. However, it’s very versatile, which means you can perfectly wear metallic eye lids from day to night. Be daring and choose full on smokey or for a softer look give preference a subtler, sparkly makeup. Just one more thing to remember: when painting your eye lids in metallic eye shadows, keep the rest of the face as neutral as possible. See the examples below!

stunning-metallic-eye-makeup-ideas-for-daring-christmas-and-winter-brides-2-500x681stunning-metallic-eye-makeup-ideas-for-daring-christmas-and-winter-brides-3-500x621 (1) stunning-metallic-eye-makeup-ideas-for-daring-christmas-and-winter-brides-13-500x666 stunning-metallic-eye-makeup-ideas-for-daring-christmas-and-winter-brides-10-500x632 stunning-metallic-eye-makeup-ideas-for-daring-christmas-and-winter-brides-9-500x652 stunning-metallic-eye-makeup-ideas-for-daring-christmas-and-winter-brides-7-500x753 stunning-metallic-eye-makeup-ideas-for-daring-christmas-and-winter-brides-6-500x666


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