Stunning Updos For Medium Length Hair

Think you have to be Rapunzel to be able to have a beautiful updo? Think again! Mid-length hair can reach new heights with these sassy, elegant, and just plain fabulous updos. Whether you need some inspiration for a prom, wedding, anniversary, or just want to do something different, this is the article for you. Grab some bobby pins and enjoy.

tousled-waves-view-1 tousled-waves-view-2
Soft ringlets lay down and flirty around the face while the rest of the textured hair is swept up into a beautiful twist. Keeping the bangs up and off the face make for a nice elegant touch. Playful pieces poke out here and there making this a fun and sassy style for multiple occasions.
How to Style:
1. Start with clean dry hair.
2. Take small sections of hair and curl with a 1” sized barrel curling iron to create the curly and wavy texture.
3. Section out a triangle sized section of hair right on top of your forehead.
4. Tease the crown slightly to create a little volume.
5. Leave out a few ringlets around your face and pull back the rest of the hair, twist, and pin.
6. Tease the top triangular section at the roots and then smooth gently.
7. Secure the teased triangular section back and into the updo.

Make sure the ringlets around the face aren’t too tight or else you’ll look dated. If they’re too tight then soften them up by running your fingers through them.

auburn-twist-view-2 auburn-twist
This elegant updo would look great with any haircolor but I love absolutely love this glowing copper hue. A side part, a teased crown, and a sleek twist all come together beautifully into a low messy bun. Super cute without looking too stuffy.

How to Style:

1. Start with clean dry hair and part to the side.
2. Take a fine toothed comb and tease the top crown area. Really push hair down to the roots and then smooth over gently to create a sleek bump.
3. Grab the front section of hair above the ear and twist up and back, adding hair as you travel to the back of the head, twisting as you go. Secure with a bobby pin.
4. Repeat the last step on the other side of the head.
5. Gather all the hair remaining at the back of the head and twist and secure into a messy bun. Use a clear colored elastic to secure.
6. Use your fingers to mess it up a little and use bobby pins to help pin up or back any pieces that may need to be more secure.
7. Spray with a strong hold hairspray so you don’t have to worry about your hair moving throughout the day.

If you have front or side bangs leave them out of the twist so you will have a fun face-framing look.

blonde-headband-updo blonde-headband-updo-view-2
This sweet girly style makes Charlize sparkle as much as her glittery headband. Soft finger wave like curls frame the face as they cascade back into a cotton candy feeling bun. Topped with a bit of glitz, this style is perfect for brides or proms.

How to Style:
1. Curl your entire head of hair with a one to two inch curling iron. Really curl the front piece of hair up and away from the face to create a pretty face-framing wave.
2. Spray hair with flexible hold hairspray and then pull hair into a low side ponytail and secure with a clear elastic.
3. Grab the ponytail and gently roll in up and pin into a soft bun.
4. Add a headband or ribbon an inch back from your hairline to complete the look.

Try to not touch the waves too much when pulling over the hair to secure. You want the hair to keep its curl and look as effortless as possible.

blond-updo-wispy blonde-updo-wispy-view-2
This pretty style would be great for a wedding or prom hairstyle. Sweet curls are pinned up and off the shoulders onto the top of the head and a thick fringe area helps add softness and frames the face.

How to Style:
1. Flat iron bangs to the side so the are nice and smooth.
2. Use any sized curling iron to curl the rest of the hair and spray with hairspray.
3. Grab the section of hair from behind the bangs to behind the ears and tie up into a high ponytail as a base.
4. Use bobby pins to arrange the curls from the ponytail into a nice shape and secure the pins into the base of the ponytail for extra hold.
5. Grab sections of the remaining hair from the neck to the nape, lift up and pin into the ponytail.

Add a bright colorful flower or two to really add some pizzazz. This look is also great to try in the summer months when it’s hot out because your hair will be up and off of your neck and shoulders.


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