Stunning Updos For Medium Length Hair 2

Think you have to be Rapunzel to be able to have a beautiful updo? Think again! Mid-length hair can reach new heights with these sassy, elegant, and just plain fabulous updos. Whether you need some inspiration for a prom, wedding, anniversary, or just want to do something different, this is the article for you. Grab some bobby pins and enjoy.

retro-updo-hairstyle-auburn-view2 retro-updo-hairstyle-auburn
Take a ponytail to a whole new level by adding a dramatic hair roll to the front. A slicked back ponytail is elevated with thick curls and a retro style coiled bang. I am especially loving this deep copper color that really shines!

How to Style:
1. Use a comb to section out a large triangular top section of your hair for the roll and secure with a hair clip.
2. Slick back the remaining hair as tight as you can into a medium height ponytail and secure with an elastic.
3. Start teasing the base of the top triangular section, lift the hair up and roll it down into a spiral. (Use a lot of hairspray on the hair to keep in together and make rolling it easier.)
4. Push the bobby pin into the roll, securing it to the scalp and keeping the roll solid.
5. Take a curling iron and curl a few pieces of the ponytail to create a fun round, curly shape.

To amp up this Rockabilly look even more, use a fun bandana to tie around to really make the look retro.

retro-twist-view-2 retro-twist-view-1
Thick side bangs and a teased twist create this gorgeous retro hairstyle. Create this classy look anytime you want to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. It’s timeless and beautiful in any decade.

How to Style:
1. Start with clean dry hair and flat iron your bangs to the side so they are nice and sleek.
2. Start in the back crown area and take horizontal sections to tease. Continue teasing forward until you reach the bangs and then smooth hair back.
3. Gather all your hair down into a ponytail and then twist it clockwise and up tucking the hair into the twist and secure with bobby pins.

Instead of a twist, pull your hair back and up into a sleek ponytail for a more cute and casual style. Add a headband or scarf for a more retro look.

auburn-faux-bob-view-2 auburn-faux-bob-view-1
This cute curly style is a true illusion. Shoulder length hair is curled and pinned just right so it looks like a short, sassy bob. Make this look extra glamorous by richening up your color to rich red, chocolate brown, or multi-dimensional blonde. Healthy shiny hair will dazzle with this adorable hairstyle.

How to Style:

1. Start with clean dry hair and part it to the side.
2. Section up a huge majority of hair and leave down the hair by your neck.
3. Use a 1” sized curling iron and curl small pieces of hair from the dropped down section.
4. Drop down another small section and curl.
5. Continue curling your entire head of hair except the front bangs.
6. Flat iron the bangs to the side and flick them back to blend into the curls.
7. Gently section up the top crown area of curls so you can pin the bottom, longer hair under and up. Secure with bobby pins at the scalp.
8. Drop down the top layer so it blends and covers the underneath and magically appear to have short hair!

Make sure you leave the top layer loose and free so it looks most natural.

cute-auburn-side-ponytail cute-auburn-side-ponytail-view-2
I love this idea for an updo! It can be done quickly and can even be achieved with day two hair. The spicy ginger colors help add fun dimension and shine. Soft layers add texture and a bit of flirty fun to this cute side pony.

How to Style:
1. Flat iron bangs to the side to really make them shiny and sleek.
2. Tease the top crown area and smooth.
3. Gather all of your hair into a low ponytail opposite the side of your part. Secure with a clear elastic tie.
4. Back comb the ponytail so it has volume. Also grab some pieces of the ponytail and curl the ends for some fun flip.
5. Gently pull out a few pieces around the face and curl them loosely for framing.


Try this same look with pigtails for another fun and flirty style.

Thank you for reading!
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