The Best Zodiac in Snake’s Year 2013

Time flies. Another Chinese New Year is just around the corner after the imaginary Christmas snow vapours in the first day of the New Year.

The best Zodiac in Dragon Chinese Calendar Year was Pig, what’s next animal to be crowned in Snake’s year?

It’s the Dog’s show in Snake’s Year (Feb 2013 – Feb 2014) !

Those who were born starting from 1808 (should be logical enough to be started with this year), 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 would receive special treatment in Snake’s year!

Our doggy friends who scored pretty low in Fortune Scoreboard Dragon’s year, will be the Best Zodiac in Snake’s year in:

1) Career – Doggy friends will stand higher chance of getting promoted in corporate world. So work harder, don’t let the chance slips away!

2) Fortune – Not recommended to make huge investment in Snake’s year especially in fluctuating share market, doggy friends will probably report minor loss.

3) Affair & Love – Every doggy friend is a target of Cupid in Snake’s year! For singles, there is no other time than now to get a good companion. For those engaged and married couples however, you have to be extra-prudent in order not to let  outsider / third party to jeopardize your existing relationship.

4) Health – As usual, over-consuming bad products such as alcoholic drinks, spicy foods, cold stuff (ice), and indigestible foods will further deteriorate your health. So stay away from those unhealthy food not only in Snake’s year but for the rest of your life will be a good advice from Her101 editors.

In nutshell, take in more healthier food, stay awake at work, be prudent in money matters and be sincere to your partner are the best way to keep your Good Luck in Snake’s year.

Celebrities who were born in Dog’s year:

刘若英 – 1970

吴奇龙 – 1970

李嘉欣 – 1970

莫文蔚 – 1970





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