The Reasons Why Men Shy Away From Lingerie Stores

Men are obsessed with Victoria’s Secret “angels” and their skimpy outfits, but you’re wrong to think you’ll end up getting that $102 lace bra for Christmas. Not that they think you wouldn’t look gorgeous in it or they don’t mean well; they’ll probably spend as much on a fairly useless gift anyway. The truth is, men tend to be intimidated by lingerie stores and here’s why you shouldn’t take offence:


1) They Don’t Know Your Size

It may be the most common of excuses, but it’s also one of the most truthful ones. Men may be good with maths and figures, but when they’re talking breast sizes it’s not numbers they’re using. It’s no help leaving your undergarments lying around either, can you honestly imagine them checking the labels and taking note?


2) No One Knows Your Size

Even if, figuratively speaking, your partner makes an effort to learn your size, there’s no guarantee that bra would really fit is there? After all, we should know better than anyone that it takes some shopping around to get that perfect cleavage, and trying the bra on before you buy it is often a must. Let’s admit it- as mature as we want to be, upon receiving something too big or small we will catch ourselves praying he has saved the receipt.

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3) They Don’t Know What To Get

Now, this is silly, but even the most sexually open and imaginative men are likely to struggle choosing the right piece, as no one wants to appear too pervy or weird. Therefore, even if your partner loves that ultra sexy sheer lace thong, he’d rather play it safe, going for something more conservative like plain bikini briefs. Well, maybe with a little more colour to it.


4) There Is Never “Just Lingerie”

Inseparably linked to bedroom pleasures, lingerie stores are also where to shop for seductive treats and sex toys. If you’re too shy for an actual adult store, that is. While those kinky goods are of a great interest to men, being seen encircled by leather corsets and jars of edible body paint is just as humiliating for them as being caught Googling “how to naturally get bigger breasts” is for you.

If with these reasons in mind, you still can’t hold back the disappointment upon being gifted with something that would most likely be left to gather dust on the shelf, suggest that you both go lingerie shopping together. Relieved from size-related matters, he’ll focus more on making you look like a goddess and the price is irrelevant as long as you’re happy! As much as I loathe them, gift cards are always an option too.

sexy lingerie

However there are always exceptions, as just weeks ago my best friend was treated to a gift that turned out to be a collection of bras, ideal both in style and size and beautifully presented in one of those vintage hat boxes. She may have found the one!

So what’s your man like when it comes to buying gifts?


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