Tips for Wearing Off the Shoulder Blouses

If you love the look of bare shoulders but aren’t really sure how to pull it off, then you need some tips for wearing off the shoulder blouses. There are all sorts of off the shoulder blouses that will help you maximize your style, including blouses that fall off both shoulders and blouses that show only one shoulder. It features an elasticized neck line to keep off the shoulder, long sleeve with cutouts, and a cute Bow on the center back. It fits over sized for a soft look. Pair it off with your favorite leggings and flats for a chic casual look.

Wear the Right Bra
Your first concern when wearing an off the shoulder top should be your bra. After all, since your shoulders will be bared, it’s likely your bra strap will, too. Don’t just pair your lovely blouse with any old bra. Opt for a strapless bra for a completely natural look. This is best if you don’t want to call too much attention to yourself. Or, if you’re heading out to a nightclub or just want to look extra hot, you can wear a bra with interchangeable straps. Several manufacturers sell bras with different styles of straps that are meant to be shown. For a colorful top, consider a bra with metallic straps. Or, if you’re aiming for amped up sexiness, wear a bra with lace straps. Aim to make the overall look alluring, not tacky.

Balance with Bottoms
When you’re wearing a top that exposes your shoulders, it’s best to keep things modest on the bottom. Try to wear full-length pants, or at least a longer skirt or capris. Avoid miniskirts and short shorts, as these will draw attention away from your shoulders and cause you to look underdressed. If your top is a wild pattern or print, keep your bottoms simple. Jeans are always great, as are leggings or slim fit trousers.
Mind Your Tan Lines
Since off the shoulder blouses are typically worn during the summer, another concern is whether or not you have tan lines. If you have severe tan lines gracing your shoulders, an off the shoulder blouse might not be the best choice for you. Try to protect your shoulders with sunscreen to avoid having uneven skin tone. Also remember it’s important to keep your skin looking good when you’re wearing these tops. Use an exfoliating body scrub and a loofah to rid your shoulders of dead skin cells and dirt. Finish with a shimmering body lotion, and you’ll be all set to bare your shoulders in style.

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No matter how you wear your off the shoulder blouse, wear it with confidence! This style is perfect for casual summer dates and days at the beach.


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