Top 5 Wedding Fashion Trends For Fall 2013

Year 2013 already left a quarter. Anyone of you know the about the wedding trend for this fall? Fall isn’t just for us lowly street style fans – the season’s trends also apply to weddings, and gowns are interpreting autumn’s biggest styles, too. It’s not late to add some fashionable touches to your decor look. What are the wedding fashion trends for the fall 2013?

1. The floral crown craze is still hot and heavy – just personalize it according to your style and colours.

2. Mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses are hot and there are tons of pattern mixing & matching, floral, and even solid colours. Now every bridesmaid can express a little personal style.

3. Neutrals, for example ivory, white, & blush. These colours are sweet, classical and combine very well with other colours like black, blue and gold.

4. Cultural elements are hot. Various cultural backgrounds are becoming prominent in engagement shoots, and day-of decor & festivities. There are lots of couples with different nationalities that want to highlight their culture and organize two ceremonies that are traditional for both.

5. Whimsical & lighthearted outdoor weddings. Celebrating outdoors is cool: fresh air, lots of sunshine and nature around – like a fairy-tale!

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