Travel Like a Star at Budget Price

How to travel like a star? In what kind of outfit should you wear to outshine the other tourists? Which accessories carries both functionality and aesthetical when on-the-go? Here is some tips for you to travel like star, but at budget price. That’s the way we want in travel – everything, in Style.

Only @ VeeMall.

Casual Shirts @ only RM 24 

A good shirt is what you need while traveling. To ensure at-home comfort is accompanying you even you are on the run is extremely essentials. Walking under the lazy sunshine with a casual shirt can also unleashed so much style.


Nice Scarf @ only RM 16

Travel to colder country without the needs to put on multi-layers of warm clothing is a blessed. A neck-wrapping scarf can handle cold situation while at the same time, enhance your style.




Couple Shirt @ only RM 63 (2 pcs)

Tell the world that “He is mine” with lovely couple shirt especially a whole new world. Switch it on love fire in both of you when traveling is another honeymoon you’d have been looking for.

Craftan Jubah Dress @ only RM 50

Resort’s biggest trend, the Craftan Jubah Dress. For both leisure and comfortable, Craftan Jubah dress is the best choice for holiday look fashion

Sunglasses and Hat

These cool accessories are a trademark of Rachel Zoe. No matter where she is, or how bad she looks that day, these accessories are indeed helpful from being captured without make-up.

BIG Bag 

Multi-purpose bags are essentially helpful when you need to store things like passport, cosmetic, even umbrella during holiday.

Sexy Lingerie @ only RM 24

Save a day for candle-light dinner with your hubby in s special night at strange place. This is excellent when he is excited with a sparkling you in a beautiful gown, especially in those naughty ones, the night will be too short for love making in oversea for you two.

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