Vintage DIY Bridal Hair Tutorial

If you are good at making hairstyles and want to create something original yourself for your big day, we’ve found this idea for you. Such a hairstyle would be perfect for any romantic look and any wedding, especially a summer one.

The supplies are hot rollers, a rubber band and your hands.

Curl entire hair with hot rollers and tease entire crown of hair to get volume. Gather all hair above ear, and use a rubber band to secure.  Use fingers to split the top half of hair, then pull the pony tail, from the bottom up, through the hole you just made. Pin end up and under in a small bun. Section the remaining loose hair into five sections. Roll and pin each section of hair underneath your pinned hair bun, but leave one section in the middle loose. Now you can put a hair band near forehead of hair and tie to the bottom back of hair. Pin up the rest of the hair to the hair band to keep from slipping. Be awesome!

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