Wanting Concert and Her101 was there!

Wanting (曲婉婷) was here in Malaysia & Singapore for her very first Asia Tour Concert. Being part of the crowd, we were so excited, and more thrilling thing was – we were just meters away from Wanting from the stage! Wanting’s face was so clear and close to us when she is on stage. She looks relatively small to the huge stage that she stood on and her “boy band” formed by all Chinese nationals – patriotism at heart, indeed from this Harbin-born, but Canadian-educated singer-songwriter.

The concert started at 8.15pm even though it was planned at 8pm. Wanting appeared in flying mode from the dark with her arms wide opened to us in high heels. The crowd shouted and the concert started. Opening songs were “Jar of Love” mixed with rock-style re-arrangement, followed by “没什么不同” (Not that Different) to heat up the ambiance  Perhaps Wanting’s fan base is quiet type, the temperature in the hall stayed cool all night long… It was then the crowd get excited when she took off her high heels after the first song.

Anyway, good news is Wanting did perform some new songs which going to be included in her next album eg. “Joker Needs Laughter Too” and “Say the Words”. She further explained Joker in a group of friends is actually those who need Love the most deep inside the one who brings laughter to us. “Say the Words” is dedicated to her mother, father, friends (of course including fans!), ex-boyfriend, even her pet, Tiffany by expressing her Love and Thanks to them.

The best songs favoured by the audience still go to “Drenched” & “You Exist in my Song” (我的歌声里) which she played solo in piano interlude that gained the most cheers. Instant hit after appearing in Hong Kong movie “春嬌與志明 ” (Love in the Buff), “Drenched” was even better played in Live than in recording. The ‘much-awaited’ hit song, “You Exist in my Song” (我的歌声里) was performed after she returned in ‘encore’ session.

Wanting is the girl who lives in next door, she removes distance between herself and her fans effortlessly with her songs and her stories. Live performance is getting better and better closing to the end of the concert, we can see she is improving together with us who started listening to her songs since her first album. One day you will find she has gone up that far as a star, yet she is still visible at night when you need her – in her songs. The night was filled with emptiness when she left us that makes us wanting Wanting for more.

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