Ways To Shop Like A Professional

Shopping is very easy and convenient now at Malaysia. Surrounding the Kuala Lumpur got a lot of mall such as Pavilion, Sungai Wang, MidVelly, Bandar Utama and so on. Shopping can be a chaotic minefield but it doesn’t have to be. Armed with just a few simple tricks and clever tactics, why not endeavour to make shopping a success for you, your wardrobe and your bank balance?

The most important aspect of your shopping trip- to ensure you don’t end up with those post-shopping blues, look at your finances before you begin. Work out what you can afford for your shopping spree before you start making a list of what you want. It will be harder to do it the other way round.

Think carefully about what you need in your wardrobe, then about what you want and then decide how far you are willing to compromise. If you know you need a new pair of black boots and all you can find is a pair of chocolate brown boots, it is not necessarily the right second choice, if your reasoning is, “I just want to buy something”. If you know you need black boots then hold out for them. Make a list with two or three columns- 1/ Things I really need, 2/ Things I’d like but don’t really need, 3/ Luxury items that I’m lusting after. If you’re on a strict budget you should aim to stick to 1/ but if you have less financial constraints or you don’t actually need anything then keep it to 2/ with a smattering of 3/.
Decide on your route and destinations before you arrive. Plan exactly when you’re going to leave and stick to it. Look upon your trip as fulfilling a mission rather than a pleasant day’s shopping. Weekends are exceptionally busy and chaotic. Without clever planning, a shopping trip has the potential to leave you feeling stressed and jaded, making you more likely to miss out on those really smart purchases and ending up with rubbish you neither like, need nor want.
Tip….. Why not be clever and research online so you know where to go before you buy.

When you go shopping is crucial but the best time to go depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. Crowds and congestion increase in the middle of the day and at the very end so avoid these times at all costs and go early, early, early! Shops are tidier, stock is generally better organised and assistants are more buoyant and helpful.
Need Vs Want
In these less than forgiving financial times, we all want to come out winners in our wardrobe and clothing purchases. If an item does not look that great on you, doesn’t fit that well and the colour is not quite perfect- don’t buy it. As with every other purchase you make, only ever buy something if it feels right and you can see yourself wearing it. A bargain is not a bargain if you never cut the label off, it is merely a waste of money.


Shop Online
If you either can’t face the crush of the high street or you can’t find a particular item in your size, go online. Most online refund policies are far more in favour of the consumer than their high street equivalent. It is also much easier to return goods at the post office than to make a trip to the shops. Check online for free delivery deals too. The only disadvantage of this method is that you may be liable for return postage costs so check the retailer’s policy before you buy.

shop online



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