Wedding Theme: Cozy And Fresh Rustic Fall Wedding Shoot

As I know so far, every couple will do wedding shot for their wedding. No matter like or dislike, groom and bride will snap at least a wedding photo for sure.
Did you like cozy and fresh rustic fall wedding shot?


Even if you don’t like fall, this shoot will show you how beautiful it can be. The location is a fabulous farm location in Oregon, USA, and the theme of the shoot is a rustic autumn wedding. The land and the season were the driving force behind this shoot; deep rich colors of fall with the earthy tones of the farm created a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. The table was laid for an English style breakfast, incorporating a few vegetables for a twist: here cabbage and artichokes fit perfectly with the deep red dahlias. I love the idea of getting little goats into the shoot – they give another special twist. The bouquet is incredible, wild: the dark reds against soft lilac and earthy greens give rich warmth to the bridal look. Enjoy the photos of this fantastic shoot below!

cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-2-500x333 cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-3-500x333 cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-4-500x750 cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-5-500x750 cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-6-500x750 cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-7-500x750 cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-8-500x333 cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-9-500x750 cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-10-500x750 cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-11-500x333 cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-12-500x750 cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-17-500x750 cozy-and-fresh-rustic-fall-wedding-shoot-18-500x750

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