What Colour to Wear on the First Day of Chinese New Year

To ensure life isn’t as curvy as Snakeous scaled body ahead in 2013, Chinese typically should receive the First Lunar Calendar Day 初一 with new attire in the right colour.

So, in which colour code to put on then? According to the forecast chart provided by XXX, light green, yellow, light beige are the most favoured colour this year.

  • Rat & Pig – Light Green or Light Beige
  • Ox, Dragon, Goat, Monkey, Rooster & Dog – Yelloe & Light Beige
  • Tiger & Rabbit – Light Green
  • Snake & Horse – Green & Light Green

Please follow the chart below for detailed colour code in Snake’s year.

Most of selected colours clothing are available on VeeMall for Chinese New Year shopping.

It is, however, a belief that wearing the right colour attire shall bring you good luck for the entire year. Ones must eventually, aims right and work hard to get what he / she wants instead of just sitting on the bench.

Her101 editors wish you and your family a very very very Happy Chinese New Year, may good health stay with you all forever!

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