What to Wear to My Best Friend’s Wedding?

OMG! I’m at a phase of life where all my school buddies and colleagues are tying their knots almost every month and the worst thing happens recently – What should I wear to my friend’s wedding? All dresses in my wardrobe are repeated in previous, previous, and previous wedding dinner…

S.O.S   SMSed my best buddies and they shared my concerns as well. Why do everyone get married almost at the same time?!?! Kidding… they have their best time in life and I wish I could present the best of myself in front of them on their BIG day.

OKay, let’s open up the wardrobe. Take a deep breath~~~ I think I better shop online before it’s too late.

VeeMall – it’s my favourite online store I discovered recently from my peers. They offered some wide range of dresses at cheap cheap price without burning my pocket for all my friends’ wedding. Plus, they have 10% off promotion. I hope the promotion still active now.

I got one! Only RM54.90 and after discount, it’s less than RM50!!! OK! OK! This is much less than what I pay for my ang pow monies already!!! Here is the link to buy it.



It comes in Grey as well. :) Link


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Here is another option to Buy

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Goto VeeMall now



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