Oh! High Heel – We just Love it

Putting on a pair of high heel will change the way a woman looks instantly, even an ordinary ones. Thanks to the invention of high heel since centuries ago that high heel is able to enhance fashion and to suggest greater height simultaneously.

According to high-fashion shoe websites like Jimmy Choo and Gucci, a “low heel” is considered less than 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters), while heels between 2.5 and 3.5 inches (6.3 and 8.9 cm) are considered “mid heels”, and anything over that is considered a “high heel”. The apparel industry would appear to take a simpler view; the term “high heels” covers heels ranging from 2 to 5 inches. Extremely high-heeled shoes, such as those exceeding 6 inches, strictly speaking, are no longer considered apparel but rather something akin to “jewelery for the feet”. They are worn for display or the enjoyment of the wearer.

High Heel Working Shoes

Wearing high heel shoes to work is common to every working woman nowadays. High heel shoes become a mandatory outfit in most o f the industries, especially in banking and finance sector. It appears to be inappropriate if you attended an interview without wearing high heel. So it’s crucial to wear high heel the right way to leave a good first impression. It’s equally essential to pick a good high heel as you actually use it more than your smartphones in your daily life.

High Heel Bridal Shoes

Well, this is yet another story about high heel. Guests would hardly see what type of shoes your are wearing even when you are walking right beneath the toe-covering wedding gown. Considering the amount of weight of the wedding gown and the pressure you would apply on the small tip of surface area – you will end up torturing your heel much more than celebrating the precious moment. I have a girlfriend who trashed her high heel in front of her friends and relatives at her own wedding dinner simply just because she couldn’t bear the pain any longer. So wear high heel wisely at your own wedding, it would end up letting you enjoy your wedding even more!


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