Cheongsam at its Best

Cheongsam is famous not only for its elegant and subtle look but its own cultural and traditional value as well. Cheongsam was worn many years ago by Chinese ladies in special event and especially popular during old times of Shanghai.
Women with Cheongsam illustrating image of tenderness and normally representing a lady who comes from well-upbringing background. That means a lot to a woman at that time.
However, Cheongsam was seen as old-school item in today’s fashion scene among ordinary people. Of course, some cat-walk shows have already injected Chinese culture into their agenda to get more attention nowadays. But popularity remains low among middle class.
VeeMall will change the scene today – by introducing an array of good quality and fashionable Cheongsam to you.
Take it home today together with cash rebate 15% if your purchase is more than RM50 and rebate is capped at RM100.
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