5 Steps To The Natural Makeup Look That Guys Love

Ask any guy what make up look he likes on women and, besides being surprised there are more than two: make-up and no make-up, but the average men will tell you he likes a natural beauty. Kissing a face full of gloss and powder is no fun. Nothing is worse than a caked-on face if make up. To avoid that too much make up look, follow this tip how to get the natural beauty look men love.

“Remember, always remember, less is more!”

1. Prep your skin. A great natural look starts with great skin. Make sure you’re washing your face every night and using makeup remover to scrub off your war paint. Once you’ve got a clean face, moisturize. Make sure you’re choosing a moisturizer made for your skin, especially if it’s sensitive, dry, or oily. Next, give your foundation or concealer a base to hold on to with a makeup primer. The foundation promer will smooth out the skin surface, make applying foundation easier, and make your makeup last longer.

2. Even out skin tone. Your weapon will depend on how much coverage you need. If you’ve got great skin, go for a tinted moisturizer, or just cover up red spots and slight discolouration by lightly patting concealer on the spots where you need it. Need a little more coverage? Apply a light, pea-sized layer of foundation all over your face.

3. You glow, girl. The key to taking your natural make-up to the next level is a gorgeous glow. Our secret weapon: shimmer and highlighting. The liquid luminizer looks like a nail polish, and the brush gives great application control. Light up your face with a few light dabs: on your brow bone and in the corners of your eyes to open up your peepers, and along your cheekbones to give your skin a sexy sheen.

4. Add a touch of colour. There’s a fine line between bedroom eyes and I-just-got-out-of-bed eyes, and that line is an eyelash curler and a coat (just one!) of mascara. Step away from the eye-liner and shadow for this understated look. Want a pinch of colour on your cheeks? Choose a cream or liquid blush for a more natural, blended look.

5. Set it and forget it. If your skin is oily or your makeup is prone to sliding off by the middle of the day, set it with a light dusting of sheer powder. Skip this step if your skin is already dry.

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