Book Bag for Every Style

Go back to school in style with a feminine-chic book bag always mean one thing for me. Whether you’re starting classes in high school, university, or looking for something for the little ones, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye with these fashionable designs.

There’s no more important item for back to school then a proper book bag. If you’re going to be lugging the same one to class everyday, then it might as well be just as stylish as you. You’ll surely find a tote that will suit your style and go with all the new items in your fall wardrobe.

These bags come in a serious variety of colours, prints, designs, shapes and styles. All you need to decide is whether you prefer to strap a bag to your back or sling a pack over your shoulder.

Not sure what to pick? Not to worry – Her101 Editor has rounded up our favourite backpacks and bags to fit your style and budget, so you can carry those textbooks with ease.

Girly + Soft
If you love all things flirty and feminine, aim for a bag that expresses that aesthetic with cute patterns and pastel colours. Pink is a must, but pale blue looks absolutely darling too with floral accents. If you’re up for something more minimalistic, try a solid tote with a graphic print. And of course, any bag with a bow works too!


Classic + Preppy
Stay classic with an understated yet functional tote or backpack. Stick with neutral colours for versatility, or pick a favourite colour to make a statement. Bonus points if you get it monogrammed!


Edgy + Electic
If you like to go against the crowd, look no further than these edgy and eclectic store-alls. Try a quirky print like galaxy or comic book, or maybe go designer-inspired with a twist. Look for studs, acid wash, and zippered accents for an added edge.

Didn’t find your style here? For even more cute book bag picks, check out our VeeMall shop!

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