Chain Bracelet DIY

“Wow…. Where you buy this bracelet? Bring me go along next times.”

“No la, I just create myself with some simple steps. Why not you also learn it?”

Let me share with you all how to beauty your chain bracelet today. You wouldn’t feel tough to make it. 

Things needed:
* Chain
* Different coloured cotton thread such as “DMC”
* Scissors
* Hairpins

Step 1. Open the chain with the scissors and adjust the size to fit your wrist.


Step 2. Make three cotton threads, each a different colour. They need to be thick, so for each colour you will need eight strands of cotton, cut to 50cm in length.


Step 3. Use the node to connect all the threads of cotton. With each colour use a hairpin to keep them together. This will help to pass the threads through the holes in the chain.

Step 4. Do the braid by passing each coloured strand in a mesh with a pin from below. Be careful to make sure the chain does not move.


Step 5. Tie a knot to finish the braid and secure it with a drop of clear varnish or glue.


Step 6. Close the chain around your wrist and go to show off!

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