Christmas Gift Shopping Guide

Festive season is everywhere. Have you already sorted out the list of Christmas gift for your beloved friends and relatives? Here is some good buying tips for reference before your gift hunting.

Gift Who?

List out those people who are really important or meaningful to you. Cross-reference most-wanted gift they might wish for it the most. Don’t buy in bulk just because some items are at discounted price in which you might end up giving away to someone not in your favourite list. Plan ahead, gift-exchange is a fun and memorable celebration.


Shortlist items in your virtual cart before you get the real one, is a good practice to prevent over-spending. Because there are countless irresistible deals other than items you are targeting. Be focus to avoid unnecessary purchase.

Budget! Budget! Budget!

Economic outlook does not look good from West of the globe, and it’s not that optimistic for Asian buyers in any time soon. So take everything into consideration including budget. Pay attention to price slashing activities around in your city to get the best bargain! Shopping malls will usually offer lucrative package to keep consumers buying more and more at this festive season. Be prudent and be ready!

Purchase Location

To avoid shoulder rubbing with crazy shoppers at the last-minute shopping you really have to sit down and focus on which part of the town that you can get the most out of your gift. Categorize and plan properly might save you tonnes of money and time in your gift hunting. Or online purchase will be another great idea where you do not have geographical limitation but still, timing concerns as shipping process will take twice or more than normal delivery time. Shop at VeeMall now to avoid last-minute disappointment.

Don’t throw away the Receipt!

Conventional and online retailers do give away attractive prices in the act to win hearts of consumers and also to avoid taxes by year end. So don’t miss this golden opportunity to get some incentives back from your own “contribution”. One thing to remember – Keep the receipt! Nothing is more powerful than receipt in proving a purchase. Online shopping provides better solution as every purchase is made in black and white.

Last but not least. Enjoy your conventional or online shopping at this Christmas. Her101 editors wish you a Merry Merry Merry Christmas!

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