DIY Lavender Ombre Wedding Favour Bags

Lavender has a wonderful aroma and that’s why we love it! You can make a wonderful guest favour using lavender, for this you’ll need dried lavender, small muslin bags, stamps, pigment ink Stamp Pad, Rit dye, a large bowl, thin wooden sticks. Mix water with Rit dye to create your dye bath. In order to speed up the process, batch dye your muslin bags by tying them to two long wooden sticks. Rest the sticks on the top of your bowl and dip as many bags at once as you can. Leave them in the dye for about 3-4 minutes until you feel like they are fully satisfied with colour.
Check out the tutorial below, finish the favours and make your guests happy!

diy-lavender-ombre-wedding-favor-bags-1-500x708 diy-lavender-ombre-wedding-favor-bags-2-500x350 diy-lavender-ombre-wedding-favor-bags-3-500x350 diy-lavender-ombre-wedding-favor-bags-4-500x708 diy-lavender-ombre-wedding-favor-bags-5-500x350 diy-lavender-ombre-wedding-favor-bags-6-500x350 diy-lavender-ombre-wedding-favor-bags-7-500x350 diy-lavender-ombre-wedding-favor-bags-8-500x708

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