DIY Paper Buoquet for Wedding

Paper flowers are a hot topic in the wedding world right now because it’s an extra special handmade touch on your wedding day. It’s very simple and easy to DIY your own bouquet.

To make a paper bouquet, what you’ll need are
1. Parisian Love Letter Paper Blooms
2. a styrofoam ball
3. a styrofoam cone
4. a hot glue gun
5. diamond pins
6. pearl brads
7. lace or ribbon.

Using the sides of a pencil or other circular household item, gently bend the petals of every flower around it to create lifelike blooms. With all your petals folded, stack each flower to your preference – they can be 3 tiers, 4 tiers or even more. Secure each set of your stacked blooms with a diamond pin or pearl brad to prepare them for application. Start in one area and poke all your flowers in to your heart content and work outwards from a single spot to make a full yet flowing bouquet.

No idea? Refer to picture below. Enjoy!

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