DIY Vintage Charm Necklace

Do you know how to diy Vintage Charm Necklaces? Don’t worry. I promise this is simple and you will love these. Every swap meet and flea market we’ve ever been to sells buckets of these old metal war memorabilia pieces.  We love them, but have never been quite sure what to do with them.  Why not craft them into necklaces?  We gathered together some beads and string,  and deconstructed some old chain from necklaces we never wore.  And here is what we came up with.

DIY_Vintage-Charm-Necklaces_1 DIY_Vintage-Charm-Necklaces_2 DIY_Vintage-Charm-Necklaces_3

Chain, beads, crimp beads, thread, + vintage military medals.
(The vintage medals are found at practically every flea market + swap meet)


Choose a vintage metal piece as the focus of your necklace and then select complimentary bead colours and a chain.  Since we deconstructed old necklaces to get our chain, the chain sizes were all unique, and some worked better than others. Next, set the length/size of your necklace. We like using the Bead Landing Board to help lay it all out + see the scale of the necklace. The more petite metals looked good with a bit shorter of a chain, and the larger metal pieces we liked to give a little more length to.


Once it’s all laid out, make a cut in the chain where you want the beads and medals to go. On these necklaces, we decided to centre them, but sometimes it’s fun to lay them out asymmetrical- just have fun with it!


We used a thin gauge gold wire that can be found at Michaels to thread through the beads- once you thread them through and connect them to the chains, the crimper beads are used to hold the wire in place. It really helps if you have the right materials for this-so we highly recommend the jewellery pliers. Those can also be found at Michaels.

Once you’ve threaded the beads to the chain, you can do the same thing to attach the beads to the medal.
For a little fun pop of colour, we decided to add tassels, made out of thread. The colour options are endless!

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